T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Vol 2 Episode 6: About Authority

11 Feb

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T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Episode 19: Cold As Hell!

24 Jan

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Source: T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Episode 19: Cold As Hell!

The Further Adventures of John Henry (Return Of A Legend)

12 Dec

Welcome to the first installment of The Further Adventures of John Henry. Hope you enjoy it. It’s going to be a really quick ride. Next Post will be on Wednesday.

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3 Oct


A Bat for a Bat!

30 Dec

I teach English to junior high school kids in Yokohama, and from 2012-2013, I think, I taught at Hiyoshidai Nishi JHS. One student at this school was really cool with me and we often spoke about video games and cool nerdy stuff. He then went home and told his sister about how I had a lot of the same nerdy interests as him and that I liked to draw and was an employee at both Marvel and DC at one point.
She wanted to meet me and just chat and talk about comics. Batman, especially. So she started by writing me some pen-pal type letters that her brother would bring to me. Then I gave her some DC animated features.
She then gave me a batman illustration she did. So, I decided to return the favor.

First, here is the cool drawing she gave me:



Now, here is what I gave her. I penciled it, light-boxed the pencils then inked and colored it. I gave her the colored version and I kept the penciled version:



Here is the final, colored version:


Jim Kelly

20 Mar

This is a piece I’ve been working on for a while. Jim Kelly passed away in June of 2013.

For those of ya’ll not familiar with Jim Kelly the actor, look into some of his movies. Mind you, the acting is horrible, the production quality and fight choreography are comical. But they’re worth watching because his movies are just too entertaining. Especially “Black Samurai”. I Love this movie!

Now, don’t be fooled, Jim Kelly was a master martial artist, it’s just that I guess his movie budget was always really low. Like 70’s porn low.
Jim Kelly was a pioneer in black action movies and in the black-spoitation movie genre that ruled the 70s. He was a real ladies’ man and didn’t take shit from  the man. Without Jim Kelly the world would’ve never gotten to know “Black Dynamite”.





Japanese Hipsters and their radical wear

2 Oct

It’s was a HOT and HUMID summer in Japan.

I loved it. I love summer. Beats winter.
Not only is winter just painfully cold, windy and just depressing. Winter is also annoying in the sense that you have to wear layers and gloves and so on, just to stay warm. I sometimes manage to lose a scarf or a pair of gloves every winter.
I love summer because all you really have to do is dress down and apply shades to your face. But some people wear more than just a t-shirt, shorts, and shades.
Some people wear sandals, um, a towel (understood, it’s practical), a light baseball cap to block out the excess sun. While others decide to wear…WINTER KNIT CAPS??!!!


In Tokyo, where trend is literally a freaking religion, Nippon-Hipsters have been wearing winter knit caps to seem cool and original…..DURING THE DEAD OF SUMMER!!

And the thing is it’s not only NOT original; I counted over 62 people in one afternoon sporting this look, but it is NOT practical!!

These people made me feel even hotter just looking at the top of their heads! Who in their right mind would wanna wear a knit cap when it is 90 degrees with 50%-80% humidity??!


Trying to be all different even though they are just following the crowd. And that is common in Japan. There are mainly 3 major fashion categories, out here, that are annoying to look at:
1.Hipster fashion; god please drown them in a river of their irony.

2.Kawaii fashion; where grown women dress like adolescent girls to attract men (borderline pedophilia).

3.Over-the top-Hip-hop fashion; where girls and guys go out of their way to look like they are actually from a gang in LA or a gang from some east coast ghetto. I saw a shop the other day where all they sell are $2-$5 imitation gold chains and knit caps with the word “Compton” on it. This shop even sells blue and red bandanas, so that the Japanese youth can look like real bloods or crips!
I pray the Japanese kids that wear this fashion do not actually go to Compton looking like this.

Now that summer is officially over and winter is on its way I would like to see what these fashion idiots will come up with next. I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted.


hipster on bike photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo

Valentines Day in the land of the rising sun

16 Mar

Well, Valentine’s day has come and gone in Japan. Thank god. Valentines day is my least favorite holiday. It makes me feel like I am being forced to express my love by spending money, on this particular day, along with the rest of the pact.

We all know how commercial Valentines day is. All holidays are. But Valentines day couldn’t be more commercial than in Japan.

In Japan Valentines  day has a twist.

In America we kind of see this day as a way to put a smile on your significant other’s face. We buy them roses, chocolates, V-Day cards, teddy bears, dinner and a movie, neck ties, you name it. And if you are in a relationship, YOU MUST buy something or do one of the above if you want to remain in your relationship and continue getting laid.

But in Japan they twist it like a pretzel in a French circus. Women are the ones that buy men chocolates. This day is strictly for the men.

Women stand in long lines, in the days leading up to Valentines day, and buy Giri- chocolates for their male employees, Bosses and male friends. They purchase Honmei-Choko for their significant other. To the man that they are romantically involved with they pay top dollar for chocolates, the other poor saps get cheap-ass, low grade chocolate. And they purchase Tomo-Choko for their girl friends and so on. They spend a lot of dough on chocolate out here. It is not uncommon to see a girl spend a lot of money on chocolates.

Aside from my disliking of this day, I do think that it is cool that Japanese men make women stress out about giving out chocolates on V-Day. It’s kinda funny to me.

And just when you thought that The whole Valentines day nightmare was all said and done with, OOOH NO! Just around the corner we have WHITE DAY!

“What the hell is a White Day?” YOU ASK?


White Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1978,  on March 14th. It was created by the confectionary companies. This is the day in which the men that have received chocolates (Giri-Chocolates) must return the favor (out of obligation) in the form of white chocolate,  Marshmallow snacks, dark chocolate, jewelry or lingerie. Men have to spend more money on their gifts than the women did on theirs. Its the rule.

To the special woman/women who gave him chocolates on Valentines day with the intention of romance or love he has to buy her/them either expensive chocolates,  expensive jewelry or Lingerie. To his coworkers and lady friends he buys them cheaper chocolate.

What the hell? How can this be?! I know, I asked the same damn thing and the reason is because of money. The old dirty, sexy dollar. Japan is a country that partakes in the giving of gifts and such things mainly out of obligation. So of course by creating White Day there is more money to be made.

On these two “holidays”, alone, the major confectionary companies in Japan earn about 50% of their annual chocolate  sales.







Who gets to bang the Peach?

11 Feb

Who would win this bout?
Obviously Goku has unlimited power, BUT what about Mario after he snorts the invincibility star?
I don’t know. 
But this is a christmas card I did for my lady’s nephew. He’s a fan of both Goku and Mario Brothers.
I don’t really like Dragonball because when I tried watching it as a kid I became frustrated at how a fight, in the animated series, would take up to three episodes. And sometimes that was one of the shorter fights. 
Two characters hovering in the atmosphere, yelling their lungs out and charging up for like 90 minutes.
And whats up with how their fights go down? For example, Goku would fight Vegeta and they would both be at level one. Vegeta unleashes enough blows to Goku’s dome to level a small island. Goku appears to be down for the count, gets up, charges to level 1.5 and returns the favor but this time with enough power to level a city. Then of course when we think Vegeta is done for the count he springs up laughing and charges up to level 2. This continues until each character is at a super-god like level. 



I hate squids!

10 Feb

I read on Yahoo news that there was a breakthrough scientific discovery in the waters of Japan.

I was not pleased in this new discovery because I HATE, Squids, octopuses and most of all SHARKS!
But sticking with my hatred for squids I decided to illustrate just what I would do to said squid if I were to ever happen to run into him in a wrestling ring. He wouldn’t stand a chance!